1.- CAN

a) Para hablar de una habilidad.

My brother can speak russian

b) Para dar permiso

Can I go to the shops  , Dad?

c) Para hacer un pedido

Can you help me ?

2.– MUST

a)     Para decir que algo es esencial o necesario.

She must stop smoking.

 b) Para expresar obligaciones(reglas, leyes)

You must pay your taxes.


Para dar recomendación o sugerencia

You should lose some weight.


 a) Para mostrar posibilidad

It may snow.

He might be sick tomorrow

b) Para hacer un pedido de usamos May  y si deseamos ser muy educados con un extraño  usamos Might

May I speak?

Might we sit here?

 Recuerda : usamos may si existe más posibilidad y might si  hay menos posibilidad. 


Cuando queremos hacer una invitación u ofrecimiento a alguien

Would you like to come to the cinema with me tonight?

Yes , I would

No , I wouldn´t

Sigamos practicando:




Acerca de inglesparatransportes

Docente especialista del curso.


  1. hi mi name is piero
    stu in Ingles.

    My brother can speak russian
    You must pay your taxes.
    * May I speak?
    very good a class miss Salazar.

  2. Morales De La Rosa Cristhian dice:

    1. Parents should talk to their children about how they are going to be healthy.
    2. Allergic people should take extra.
    3. Your child also should not eat a big meal before the test.
    4. Eat a light meal and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
    5. Care should be taken to minimise the potential for conflicts of interest.
    6. Always walk on the sidewalk.

  3. Yosselyn Rodriguez dice:

    1.You must stop smoking.
    2.You must blow out the candles.
    3.You should not play with fire.
    4.You should wash your hands, always.
    5.Before crossing the track, you should see the traffic light.
    6.You must walk the path.

  4. Carlos Martinez Chipana dice:

    All electrical equipment must be grounded.
    Workers should not be placed under load.
    You must use protection for your eyes.
    Hearing protection should be worn in where there are noise.
    It should leave tools and equipment in their site.
    You must use a seat belt when working at heights.

  5. jackieguzman dice:

    You must fasten the safety belt
    You shouldn’t turn left
    When you drink alcohol, you shouldn’t drive
    You must cross the crosswalk
    You must look at the traffic ligths
    You must drive at low speed in the avenue

  6. Gabriel Castro dice:

    You mustn’t turn left
    You mustn’t honk the horn
    You must pay a toll
    You must drive slow
    You must see the traffic signs
    You mustn’t smoke in the gas station


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