En inglés los nombres forman el plural añadiendo –s, pero hay algunas excepciones.

1.-Los nombres acabados en –o, -ss, -sh, -ch, -x  añaden –ES.





watch- watches


Algunas palabras extranjeras añaden sólo –s al plural.




Zoo- zoos

Shampoo . shampoos

2.   Los nombres que terminan en “y”; si les precede una consonante añaden –ies.

Consonante + y = ies.




Los nombres que terminan en “y” precediéndoles una vocal añaden –s.

Vocal + y = ys.




3.-Nombres que terminan en –f, -fe. La –f se convierte en –v.

-f, -fe = -ves.





Hay algunas excepciones; cliff-cliffs (acantilado / s)

chief-chiefs (jefe / s).

4.-Plurales irregulares o cambio de vocal.





tooth- teeth




5.-Sin cambio de forma en el plural .






6.-En nombres compuestos se forma el plural al final de la palabra.




Si quieres seguir practicando  , sigue el link


Write five sentences  with  words related to items in an office :


Acerca de inglesparatransportes

Docente especialista del curso.


  1. Yosselyn Rodriguez dice:

    1° I have a new pen.
    2° I need a correcting fluid.
    3° The printer does not work.
    4° I’m looking documents.
    5° I want a laptop.

  2. Sarita Campos Valverde dice:

    This desk is dirty
    This is his computer
    That telephone is damaged
    Those are our pencil holder
    That is my pen

  3. Cristhian Alberto Morales De La Rosa dice:

    There are not many tables. No hay muchas mesas.
    We have many pencils. Tenemos muchos lapices.
    She has some leaves. Tiene algunas hojas.
    They have many titles. Ellos tienen muchos titulos.
    We have many jobs. Tenemos muchos trabajos.

  4. Andre Poma Nuñez dice:

    This pen is broken
    This screen is dirty
    This case is unfortunate
    That is black scissors
    This clamp is small

  5. Carlos Martinez Chipana dice:

    This ink is full.
    The keyboard is white.
    This screens are dirty.
    The hard disk is new.
    These printers are operating.

  6. jackieguzman dice:

    That stapler is blue
    This faxmachine is yours
    These file cabinets are news
    Those desks are clean
    Those computers are damaged

  7. The trees of the park are very high.
    The houses are very spacious.
    The porcelain dolls scare me a lot.
    The curtains are very colorful.
    The burgers without tomato, please.
    The girls won again.

  8. Oscar Rivera Cusi dice:

    – These bags are brown.
    – Those pencils are broken.
    – These desks are blue.
    – These papers are dirty.
    – Thoses computers are very fast.

  9. erickportellae dice:

    •These files are yours.
    •These desks are new.
    •These pens are broken.
    •These note books are small.
    •These printers are out of ink.

  10. karen huaman dice:

    * tomatoes are red and delicious.
    * the box is big and beautiful.
    * babies have rattles.
    * children play in the yard.
    * the fish alive.

  11. vickyparedes dice:

    Do you have a pen?
    This computer is broken.
    The paper is on the desk.
    This is a comfortable chair.
    Are these your files?

  12. brigitte dice:

    This is a important letter
    These screens are spoiled
    Those pens are new
    That office is busy
    That job is good

  13. Alexis Altamirano Zulueta dice:

    I have two tomatoes.
    I take many photos .
    I saw four wolves.
    I can buy five shampoos.
    Two days ago i went to the university.

  14. roberto mendoza dice:

    My computer have two hard disk, 250GB and 750GB.
    I have a new mail
    I need new ink for my pen
    These laser printer is new
    My wastepaper bin is full

  15. Paolo valverde dice:

    that calculator is green.
    the secretary works unfv.
    the screem tv is lcd.
    Maria to take notes contabilidad.
    that computer is spoiled.


    This disk is very expensive.
    This letter is interesting.
    These desks are new.
    This stapler is red.
    This screen is very bright.

  17. Alice Montes Luciani dice:

    – This is a pencil
    – This is a note book
    – These office furniture is dirty
    – These briefcase are old
    – This scissors is new

  18. GABRIEL dice:

    1. i work in my espreadshett.
    2. care with screen.
    3. lacks the printer ink.
    4. takes these documents an office desk.
    5. I need an inventory for Monday.

  19. Gerita Aguilar Paredes dice:

    – My ocmputer screem is broken
    -My printer need maintenance
    – Some university students need a calculator
    -Currently not used typewriter
    -My boss bought new office furniture

  20. carlos huancahuari dice:

    This calculator is new
    This document is important
    Those desks are clean
    This printer is spoiled
    These are our archives

  21. Carlos Javier Barzola Raza dice:

    – The computers are new.
    – The pencils are yellow.
    – The desks are old.
    – The chairs are wood.
    – The books are interesting.

  22. JORGE LUIS CRUZ dice:

    That is my scissor.
    This screen is broken.
    These stamps are ours.
    Those printers are big.
    This calculator is damaged.

  23. Ricardo Gutierrez Luque dice:

    The pen are on the desk
    The book is broken
    This is a chair
    These pictures are beautiful
    The computer is new

  24. Alexander Chipana Tacca dice:

    This fax machine is yours.
    That is my ruler.
    These desks are new.
    That telephone is old.
    Those computers are damaged.

  25. ISAAC RIVERA dice:

    Write five sentences with words related to items in an office:
    Computers are unsuccessful in the office.
    The markers do not have ink.
    No paper for the photocopier.
    The books are in the closet.
    The pens are in the desk drawer.


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