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Choose fthemive words  and write sentences with 


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  1. franco dice:

    it`s hot in here, I need a bottle of water

    i take photos with my camera

    i save my information with my disk

    all the singer use the microphone

    in my garden, i have a big hose

  2. GABRIEL dice:

    1.the screw is in the shop. microphone is in the bag.
    3.brings the disc to the party.
    4.I have a belt.
    5.not touch the socket.

  3. karen huaman dice:

    The bottle is in the kitchen.
    The camera is broken.
    The rule is old
    The drill is of my uncle Clauss.
    The paintbrush is pink.

  4. Alexis Altamirano Zulueta dice:

    The ruler is big .
    The hard hat is blue.
    The disk is broken.
    The bottle is small.
    My father give me gloves.

  5. gianfranco jaen valdera dice:

    i find a wheel
    i need a bottle of water
    i want to sing , i need a microphone
    i going to paint my room with my new paintbrush
    it is cold i need my gloves

  6. karen huaman dice:

    The bottle is in the kitchen.
    The camera is broken.
    The ruler is old
    The drill is of my uncle Clauss.
    The paintbrush is pink.

  7. 1.I bought a new bulb to my bedroom
    2.I need a ruler to make somes pictures
    3.The plug is burned
    4.I need pair of gloves to wash the clothes
    5.The hose is broken and the floor is flooded

  8. Yosselyn Rodrìguez. dice:

    The camera is new.
    The bottle is broken.
    The white hardhat.
    The wheel is dirty.
    The hose is big.

  9. Luis.Tarazona dice:

    1)the bottle is of plastic
    2)the spring is of metal
    3)the disk is for save information
    4)the microphone is of color black

  10. Morales De La Rosa Cristhian Alberto dice:

    It is a black bottle.
    It is a large hard hat.
    It is a small camera.
    It is a beautiful cart.
    It is a hard nut.

  11. Paolo Valverde Miranda dice:

    The bulb is white.
    the ruler is 30 centimeters.
    the beer bottle is black.
    the camera is the Luis.
    the microphone is to sing.

  12. Miguel Jordan Delgado dice:

    1- They bought gloves for their daughters.
    2- Your belt is bigger than the mine.
    3- They called me through the microphone,yesterday.
    4- His new camare won’t turn on
    5- the wheel was deflated and i couldn’t go back to my home.

  13. carlos huancahuari dice:

    the ruler is flexible
    the camera is new
    the clamp is hard
    the drill is powerful
    the cable is extensive

  14. Hector Poma dice:

    The battery is removed
    The tube is dirty
    The microphone is off
    The disk is empty
    the ruler is broken

  15. Martín Ibarra Illescas dice:

    The glove is black.
    The cable is failing.
    The bottle is full.
    The ruler isn`t big.
    The microphone isn`t here.

  16. Oscar Rivera Cusi dice:

    Screw: tornillo
    Washer: arandela, wacha
    Spring: resorte
    Clip: Clip, sujetador
    Hook: gancho
    belt: cinturon, faja
    Nup: tuerca
    Bolt: perno
    Clamp: abrazadera
    Cog: engranaje
    Gauge: medidor, manometro
    Drill: taladro
    Cable: cable
    Hose: manguera
    Plug: enchufe
    Socket: tomacorriente
    Tape measure: wincha
    Ruler: regla
    Hardhat: casco
    Glove: guante
    Microphone: microfono
    Camera: camara
    Disk: disco
    Bulb: bombilla electrica
    Cart: carretilla
    Lead: extensión
    Pallet: parihuela, parrilla
    Bottle: botella
    Pipe: tuberia
    Paintbrush: brocha
    Wheel: rueda

    – My car has four wheels.
    – The microphone is old.
    – The hose is very long.
    – The bulb is broken.
    – The drill is new.

  17. JORGE LUIS CRUZ dice:

    I need twenty bulbs for my house.
    The disk is unusable.
    My hardhat is broken
    My cart does not have a wheel.
    I bought a ruler a. scale 1:50.
    I have one wheel Pirelli.

  18. jackieguzman dice:

    the engineer has a hardhat
    the hose is very long
    my dad is fixing the socket
    the pallet is broke
    the workman is using the drill

  19. stefaniadpsm dice:

    1. There is a drill in the chair. Care!
    2. The plug is broken.
    3. I need any nuts.
    4. Please, give me the camera to take a picture.
    5. I don’t need the a disk for my computer.

  20. Ricardo Gutierrez Luque dice:

    Choose fthemive words and write sentences with

    1.- There is five screw on the table
    2.- My father has a bolt in your room
    3.- There isn’t microphone in my house
    4,- The children paly with a cable
    5,- My brother has a hardhat

  21. erickportellae dice:

    1. The ruler is short.
    2.There are two cables of copper.
    3.There is a rope.
    4.The pallet is broken.
    5. I have a camera.

  22. vickyparedes dice:

    There is a ruler on the desk
    There are screws on the floor
    Are there bolt in the table?
    No, there aren’t
    Is there a tape measure in the store?
    Yes, there is
    Are there pípes in the house?
    Yes, there are

  23. jimena huaman dice:

    there are five screws
    this is a socket
    the rule is broken
    is a new camera
    the tape measure is 100 yards

  24. Carlos Martinez Chipana dice:

    I have five screws.
    Martin and Silvia have a tape measure.
    They have two hook.
    The pallet is very big,
    The microphone is wasted.
    The microphone this spoilt.

  25. Morales De La Rosa Cristhian dice:

    The rule is long.
    There a washers in the store.
    I have a hose.
    There are hooks on the table.
    It is my glove and it is new.

  26. JORGE CRUZ dice:

    – I need twenty bulbs for my house.
    – The disk is unusable.
    – My hardhat is broken.
    – My cart does not have a wheel.
    – I bought a ruler a. scale 1:50.
    – I have one wheel Pirelli.

  27. brigitte dice:

    there are two screws
    there is a spring
    Do you have a bolt?
    yes, I do
    are there fourteen nuts?
    no, there aren’t
    are there seven bulbs in the house?
    no, there aren’t

  28. Sarita Campos Valverde dice:

    The spring is too long
    The camera is broken
    This old paint brush
    This is a rusty drill
    It is a new clip
    I have four wheels in my house
    This microphone is damaged

  29. Alice Montes Luciani dice:

    1.- The screw is small
    2.- The wheels are made of wood
    3.- The rule is broken
    4.- The plug is new
    5.- The cable is black


    The spring in lima is hot and beautiful.
    The fishing hook is broken.
    This very rusty nut
    There are two disk in my desk.
    The cable is very large.

  31. Jimmy Cuadros Caballero dice:

    Today I saw on television a beautiful desktop so I decided to make one measurement with a tape measure the length and width, wood drill and place the screws and nuts. In the end I am very beautiful

  32. Alexander Chipana dice:

    The screw is very old.
    The camera is new and very functional.
    The rule fairly accurately measured.
    The drill is a great tool.
    The hook is good for the clamp-on things.

  33. Yosselyn Rodriguez dice:

    – My Hard Hat is white.
    – The bottle is broken.
    – That camera is mine.
    – I want a paintbrush.
    – The tape measure is a hundred meters.

  34. Andre Poma Nuñez dice:

    the rule is broken
    The camera is spoiled
    The microphone is off
    The disk is formatted
    the pipe is dirty

  35. Cristhian Alberto Morales De La Rosa dice:

    It is a new cart.
    This is a gauge.
    The pallet is short.
    You have a pipe.
    This is hose.

  36. luis dice:

    I have a paintbrush
    the microphone is good
    the glove is litle
    the bottle is empty
    the screw is very large

  37. luis usaqui dice:

    i have a paintbrush
    the glove is little
    the screw is very large
    the bottle is empty
    the mycrophone is out of order

  38. Carlos Javier Barzola Raza dice:

    The hose is green.
    The screw is new.
    The bolt is small.
    The drill is broken.
    The camara is modern.

  39. Paolo valverde dice:

    -the camera is new.
    -the hardhat is white.
    -the drill is the carpenter.
    -the hose is in the garden.
    -the socket is wasted.

  40. ISAAC RIVERA dice:

    Choose themive words and write sentences with
    The solder is a mixture of metals.
    The camera has a full load of film.
    Mr. Raul nailed the picture on the wall.
    The young man chained his bike as a precaution


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