Las estructuras con el verbo “to be” sirven para poder comunicar varias aspectos muy útiles como pueden ser “hablar sobre una persona” (su nombre, nacionalidad, de dónde es, su profesión, como se siente, etc.) y “describir las características de alguien o algo” (qué es algo, su color, a quien pertenece, etc.).

2.-Pronombres sujeto:

Primeramente, tienes que saber a lo que equivalen ciertas palabras en español que son los llamados “pronombres sujeto”:

yo = I, tú = you, él = he, ella = she, ello , esto = it, nosotros = we, ustedes = you  y ellos = they.

3.- Structure

3.- Forms:

-She is tall                                  Affirmative

-She is not tall                           Negative

-Is she tall?                                 Question

Yes , she is                                  Answers

No , she is not


Si quieres practicar presentaciones en inglés ingresa a este link :





Acerca de inglesparatransportes

Docente especialista del curso.


  1. franco mejia vidarte dice:

    i am tall
    i am student at federico villareal university
    i am serious person
    i am a soccer player
    i am busy all the time
    i am 22 years old

  2. Jordan dice:

    1. i’m Miguel Delgado
    2. i’m from San Miguel
    3. i’m 20 years old
    4. i’m so handsome
    5. i’m with my pet
    6. i’m at airport

    my favorite soccer player is Wayne rooney

  3. jose anibal dice:

    I’m from peru.
    I’m a busy student.
    I’m a student
    I’m a skater .
    I’m with my pet in my house .
    I’m with my friends in the park .

  4. Morales De La Rosa Cristhian Alberto dice:

    I am an ingenieer transport student’s at Federico Villarreal university.
    I am an intelligent student.
    I am from Peru.
    I am work in Metro.
    I am a english student.
    I am 22 years old.
    I am a math teacher.

  5. geriita dice:

    *I am a good student
    *I am a pleasant person
    *I am from Lima
    *I am a happy people
    *I am nineteen years old
    *I am a studious person

  6. Andre Poma Nuñez dice:

    I am a university student
    I am thin
    I m smart and skillful
    I am a friend of cristhian
    I am a student of engineering
    I am medium sized

  7. karen huaman dice:

    1.- I am a student of the university villareal.
    2.- I am from Peru.
    3.- I am twenty – two years old.
    4.- I am very happy.
    5.- I am a rock singer.
    6.- I am wash the car.

  8. carlos martinez chipana dice:


    I am peruvian
    I am an university student
    I am an electrician
    I am single
    I am tall

  9. Yosselyn Rodriguez dice:

    I am peruvian
    I am a student
    I am sad
    I am twenty years old
    I am at in college

  10. Morales De La Rosa Cristhian Alberto dice:

    My mom
    She is beautiful.
    She is a strong person.
    She is smart.
    She is friendly.
    She is best mom in the world.

    My daddy
    He is understandable.
    He is generous.
    He is toll.

  11. geriita dice:

    Noel Schajiris
    * He was born in July 19,1974 in Argentina.
    *His real name is Nahuel Schajris Rodriguez
    *He formed a group with Leonel Garcia called Sin Bandera
    *He is one of the best singer
    * Actually he is a single singer

  12. jose anibal dice:

    He was born in May 10,1957.
    He was a famous singer of punk rock
    He was from U.k
    He was vocalist of the band sex pistols
    He was died in february 2,1979.

  13. stefaniadpsm dice:

    I’m Stefania Susano.
    I’m 19 years old.
    I’m from Magdalena del Mar.
    I’m a student of engineering.
    I’m tall.
    I’m peruvian.

  14. Oscar Rivera Cusi dice:

    1. Write 6 setences about you:

    I am a good student.
    I am peruvian.
    I am a student at Federico Villarreal University.
    I am confused.
    I am nineteen years old.
    I am thim.

    2. I write about Lionel Messi:

    He is twenty six years old.
    He is short.
    He is from Argentina.
    He is the best soccer player in the world.
    He is slim.
    He is not married.
    He is very fast.

  15. stefaniadpsm dice:

    2) His name is Michael Jackson.
    He is a singer.
    He is a dancer.
    He is 52 years old.
    He is my favorite singer. =)

  16. Alexander Chipana Tacca dice:

    I am peruvian
    I am a responsible person
    I am smart
    I am friendly
    I am college.
    I am seventeen years old

  17. Yosselyn Rodriguez dice:



    She is Korean.
    She has twenty-seven years.
    she studied at the University Sungkyunkwan.
    she is a actress, director, screenwriter, artist, singer, composer, author.

    I admire this artist!

  18. jackieguzman dice:

    I’m a private teacher math
    I’m a bad cook
    I’m a very strict to my work
    I’m a positive person
    I’m a designer and engineer too
    I’m a good dancer
    She is thirty years old
    She is the princess pop
    She has successful songs, her best song is BABY ONE MORE TIME
    She has successful seven albums
    She sold more the one hundred million albums
    She is popular for her shocking life
    She has two children, Sean Preston and Jayden James,r:1,s:0,i:152

  19. Alexander Chipana Tacca dice:

    I am peruvian
    I am college
    i am student
    I am skinny
    I am a good football player
    I am seventeen years old

  20. 1.-
    I am from Perú.
    I am medium height.
    I am a student of the University National Federico Villarreal.
    I am funny and young.
    I am good person.
    I am single and pretty.

    Ricardo Arjona is from Guatemala.
    Ricardo Arjona is a singer and composer.
    Ricardo Arjona plays the piano and guitar.
    Ricardo Arjona is married.
    Ricardo Arjona has three children.
    Ricardo Arjona is forty-eight years old.
    Ricardo Arjona is a former basketball player.
    Ricardo Arjona is tall.
    Ricardo Arjona is nice.

  21. Alexander Chipana Tacca dice:

    He is tall.
    He is peruvian
    he is a great football player.
    He is a player who plays in Europe.
    He is a person who has tattoos
    He is a great person.

  22. JORGE CRUZ dice:

    I am from Perú.
    I am nineteen years old.
    I am studing at UNFV.
    I am footballer.
    I am tall and fat.
    I am a terrible singer.

  23. brigitte dice:

    I am funny
    I am tall
    I am 17 years old
    I have a cat
    I am from lima
    i like go to the cinema

  24. Luis.Tarazona dice:

    i’m luis
    i’m student
    I’m a fun guy
    i’m musician
    i’m outgoing
    i’m humble

  25. erickportellae dice:

    ♦ I am teenager.
    ♦ I am soccer player.
    ♦ I am skater.
    ♦ I am small.
    ♦ I am loving.
    ♦ I am funny.
    MARCELO MOTTA: |mL (^,^ )

    ♦ He is singer.
    ♦ He is peruvian.
    ♦ He is guitar player.
    ♦ He is happy.
    ♦ He is tall.
    ♦ He is thirty eight years old.

  26. Ricardo Gutierrez Luque dice:


    I am Ricardo Gutierrez Luque
    I am 21 years old
    I am university student
    I am single
    I am from Lima
    I am funny


    Liam Gallagher:

    He is a singer.
    He is vocalist of the band rock oasis.
    He has a brother called Noel.
    His brother is the guitarrist of the band rock oasis.
    He is fan of the soccer team Manchester City.
    he has 3 sons called Lennon, Molly y Gene.

  27. Carlos Javier Barzola Raza dice:

    I am San Juan de Lurigancho
    I am confused
    I am tired
    I am a vicious
    I am talking
    I am Peruvian

    Pepe madero (Panda)

    Hi is mexicano
    He is good singer
    He is cheerful
    He is thin

  28. vickyparedes dice:

    I am Victoria Paredes
    I am very happy
    I am a little crazy
    I am very responsible
    I am 19 years old
    I am a pretty woman.
    I am a good person

  29. luis usaqui dice:

    I am creative
    I am a goob person
    I am pensive
    I am a goob drawer
    I am distracted
    I am persevering

  30. gianfranco jaen valdera dice:

    I am tall
    I used to be a soccer player
    I am a good boy
    I am very competitive
    I am a student
    I am gian

    my favorite actress is Jenifer Aniston

    she is pretty
    she is friendly
    she is a joker
    she is a good actress
    she was fat
    she was ugly

  31. Alexis Altamirano Zulueta dice:

    I am studying for my exam.
    I am playing the guitar.
    I am cooking peruvian food.
    I am surfing on the internet.
    I am working in a big company .
    I am writing my 6 sentences on the blog.

    Lionel Messi

    He is a soccer player .
    He is small person .
    He is kindly.
    He is playing in the Barcelona’s Club.
    He is millionaire person.

  32. carlos huancahuari dice:

    I am a student of the university villareal.
    I am 22 years old
    I am I am from Lima
    I am an intelligent student.
    I am very happy.

    paolo guerrero

    He is a soccer player
    He is very skilled
    He is serious
    He is cooking italian food
    He is very gerenous

  33. Paolo valverde dice:

    I’m from Lima
    I’m student engineer
    I’m 20 years old
    I’m great cook
    I’m friend good
    I’m work with my father

    My favorite athlete is Michael Phelps.

  34. Martín Enrique Ibarra Illescas dice:

    1) I am from Peru.
    2) I am at house.
    3) I am 18 years old.
    4) I am with my brother.
    5) I am man.
    6) I am not work.

  35. karen huaman dice:

    Michael Fred Phelps II

    Your name is Michael Fred Phelps II.

    Michael Phelps is from United States of America.
    He is a student, Phelps attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, studying “Sports, advertising and management”.

    Phelps is a very happy boy. He is 27 years old.

    He is a winner of 22 Olympic medals in his swimming career.

    Phelps is a swimmer with styles: Free, Back, Butterfly. He is a legend of swimming and the last medal won announced his retirement at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

  36. Andre Poma Nuñez dice:

    Pedro Suarez Vertiz

    Is a good singer
    Is Peruvian
    Is humble and famous
    He is an actor and composer
    is soloist and famous
    It is a musical emblem

  37. Jimmy dice:

    Jimmy Cuadros Caballero

    I am 25 year old.
    I am college student
    I am brown eyes
    I like to play soccer
    I am funny

    Michael Jackson

    He is a singer.
    He is a good dancer.
    He sang the famous song “the thriller”
    He had three sons


    I’m not very high
    I am very creative
    I am very busy
    ‘m comprencible
    I’m friendly
    I’m not good singer

    Gian Marco Zignago

    is a Peruvian singer
    is cheerful
    is 2005 Latin Grammy Winner
    is Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF in Peru
    Claudia Moro’s husband


    1. – I am small
    2.-I am very funny
    3. – I’m a singer
    4.-I’m an only child
    5.-I am a friend of zoila
    6.-I’m white color
    my favorite star
    his hair is black
    He is tall
    he is beautiful
    He is a Mexican actor
    He has 33 years
    His zodiac sign is Taurus

  40. ISAAC RIVERA dice:

    1.- write 06 sentences about you
    I play soccer with my friends at the weekend.
    I go to the cinema with my girlfriend.
    I am 22 years old.
    I always wake up at 7 o’clock.
    I have my lunch at university.
    I like studying when I stay at home.
    2.- choose a famous person and write sentences about him or her
    Actress Catherine Zeta Jones comes from an ordinary family and very ordinary town – Swansea in Wales. But these days she enjoys the life of a Hollywood film star. She lives in a big house in Beverly Hills with her husband, billionaire Hollywood actor Michael Douglas and their two children. The couple also has homes in Los Angeles, Colorado, New York.


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